Global Projects General Trading Company

Global Projects Company is considered as one of the leading companies in Kuwait in the field of public safety, secure communication and control room systems. Global Projects provides smart critical communication networks and relevant applications for public safety and security organizations. The critical communication networks include TETRA as well as broadband networks (LTE).
The critical communication networks provide secure encrypted voice, data and video communication.

The TETRA was specifically designed for voice communication for military and public safety and security organizations such as police force, fire department and ambulance services. The LTE broadband standard complements TETRA networks by providing secure data and video transfer for public safety organizations’ operational work.

Global Projects customers include:

  • Ministry of Interior - Kuwait
  • Ministry of Defense - Kuwait
  • National Guard - Kuwait
  • Emergency Medical Services - Kuwait
  • Fire Department - Kuwait

Global Projects provides roll-out-of-country-wide TETRA and LTE networks for public safety and security organizations. The other solutions include:

  • Control room systems
  • Dispatching solutions
  • Display wall systems
  • Incident management systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Crisis management systems
  • Variable messaging systems
  • Traffic violation transfer systems
  • Early warning systems
  • Chemical detection systems
  • Paramedics patient information transfer systems
  • Recording solutions
  • Customized applications for different government organizations

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