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Global Projects Company is considered one of the leading Companies in the field of telecommunications in Kuwait, GPC applies digital communication network (TETRA) for the Ministry of the Interior in Kuwait. A network approved by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute, for use in professional and private wireless communication.

The Word TETRA is an Acronym for a long expression which means; Terrestrial Trunked Radio. TETRA Kuwait Network covers almost the whole country and has 42 base stations and two control sites. Policemen use TETRA portable sets or vehicle fixed for individual and collective communication, while radio workstation (TETRA) provides the advantage of contact and management at the same time

TETRA Standards

TETRA stands for: Terrestrial Trunked Radio. It is a set of standards developed by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute. The company applies the telecommunication standards to meet the Public Security current and future requirements in particular and for the needs of private communications users across Europe.

TETRA specifications

  • Continuous contact among group members
  • Making fast calls
  • Direct Mode Operation (DMO)
  • Preventive Priorities
  • Multi codes transmission and fleet management capabilities
  • Quick , accurate and strictly confidential transfer of data
  • Waves and networks authentication
  • Air Interference prevention
  • different parties encoding
  • Stop stolen devices functions
  • Access to operational information with TETRA data service
  • TETRA services for voice communication
  • High quality voice
  • Making fast calls
  • Individual calls (between two persons)
  • Fast calls (push-to-talk)
  • Group level communication
  • An Emergency Call facility that gets through even if the system is busy
  • Direct Mode Operation (DMO)

TETRA Data Applications

Automated tracking system for vehicles locations used for example by public authorities or transportation companies to track their vehicles. TETRA system is used to determine vehicles locations via (GPS) system, as to set information for the location and speed of the vehicle on the map.

  • Transfer the image from one location to another
  • Exchange e-mail
  • Transfer data from the Internet
  • contact with fire, pollution and radiation detectors
  • Car owner information queries
  • Queries from the database
  • Fax
  • Passport owner Queries
  • Missing persons data transfer
  • Stolen vehicles Queries
  • MMS traffic control
  • Traffic violations Data transfer
  • Civil Defence whistle release control
  • Control rooms contact with TETRA

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