Royal Elite General Trading Company

Royal Elite Co., one of the leading Kuwaiti companies specializing in Military affairs. Since its conception in 2007, Royal Elite has successfully implemented major projects in the region, and is recognized by suppliers as a longstanding.

Royal Elite Co. has been able to execute major military projects. Its most recent involvement projects for supplying and delivering all the military demands to Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense and National Guard.

Royal Elite Co. led by an intriguing business mentality which led to obtaining major relations with public and private sectors and has strong established the international alliance and worldwide relationships with various pioneer companies each in its field which are:

  • Renault Trucks Defense (Panhard & Acmat) - France
  • Dynamit Nobel Defence - Germany

In a nutshell, Royal Elite Co. is keen to providing products and services to all concerned authorities according to our fundamental principles which will lead us to creating new chapters of a success story unique in the world of military technology.

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