Al Roudhan Global Company

Al Roudhan Global Company is much more than one of Kuwait’s leading cleaning firms. With a commitment to maintaining a clean, safe environment and customer satisfaction, the group goals go beyond cleaning and laundry. Our logistic services are an integral part of our development since the foundation of our company in 1981.

Al Roudhan Global Company has a rich track record and has been a long-term partner with various local and international businesses, as well as governmental bodies. With this in mind, the company continues to develop its expertise, looking for ways to tackle the pollution and waste that are the by-products of the growing society. Al-Roudhan Global has concluded partnerships with top specialized international companies (manufacturers and suppliers) in order to offer effectiveness and thorough exterior and interior cleaning:

  • MAFRA - Italy: Specialized in detergent and chemical products for washing, cleaning and vehicle detailing. All these products completely respect the environment.
  • BITIMEC - Italy: Specialized in the manufacturing of equipment and machinery needed for cleaning operations according to the latest standards and techniques.
  • PURAQLEEN – Germany: Supplier of special tools and mechanisms for exterior building cleaning.
  • NORDIC AERO – Sweden: Supplier of heavy machines for aircraft washing/cleaning.
  • PLASTI DIP – USA: Specialized in developing and manufacturing automotive specialty coatings and adhesives.