First Joint Group Company

First Joint Group Company, is one of Humoud Al-Roudhan Group companies, based in the State of Kuwait, which is one of the leading local companies in providing Traffic Safety Systems (Traffic Violation Cameras Systems). The Company provides its professional services to a number of significant sectors in the State of Kuwait.

The State of Kuwait addresses a great importance to the transport sector, which led to the distinction of the State of Kuwait with the existence of the best roads networks in the Middle East region in general and the Gulf region in particular, in order to connect all areas together and facilitate the transport process across these areas. The State continues to strive to develop and advance vital road projects to accommodate the increase in the number of vehicles and the expansion of residential areas.

From this point of view, the State of Kuwait has made every effort to provide the highest safety and traffic safety standards to maintain the lives of motorists and road users, including traffic violation cameras systems to control the speed limit, red signal and usage of safety lane.

In 2000, the First Joint Group Company supplied traffic safety systems to the Ministry of Interior traffic violation cameras project, whereby the cameras where able to detect significant numbers of violators of the red traffic signal and speed.

Since the beginning of the project to the present day, and because of the great effectiveness in the use of these cameras, the use of many advanced technologies and techniques have been implemented gradually, which is directly related to the cameras, which led to higher performance and increased efficiency of work.

It is known to everyone that the cameras have played a prominent and effective role in reducing the number of violations in general, accidents and deaths in particular, as the camera violations result in financial and other deterrent penalties, which led to the commitment of the majority of drivers with the red signal and the speed limit allowed for vehicles.

Following the outstanding success of the First Joint Group Company in providing traffic violation cameras systems to the Ministry of Interior, several parties have requested the provision of similar systems, including:

  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC)
  • Joint Operations Chevron (CHEVRON)
  • Hyundai AutoEver Company
  • GS Engineering & Construction

The First Joint Group Company is the exclusive agent of JENOPTIK Company, which is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced traffic control cameras systems. These systems are characterized by withstanding the harshest weather conditions experienced over the past 20 years.

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