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Kuwait is one of the first Arab countries, which has one of the best road networks in the Middle East and Gulf Countries which contributed significantly in saving time and distances in addition to increasing traffic flow rates. The State of Kuwait does its best to save the lives vehicle drivers, so it considered the importance of installing traffic surveillance cameras once the rate of traffic accidents increased significantly. Since the State of Kuwait is a leader in using technology and as the traffic safety is an international requirement, hence the First Joint Group Company has been one of the first interested and leading companies in the field of providing Traffic Surveillance Cameras through its German Agency; JENOPTIK.

JENOPTIK is one of the distinguished and advanced companies in the field of providing traffic surveillance products, systems and services, the thing that made it gain the satisfaction of General Traffic Department that made it be selected for its global leadership in providing its products in the advanced countries. What distinguish the products of this company is that its products have been tried and tested in the most extreme environments which commensurate with the climate of Kuwait. Also JENOPTIK products have also been used in both Oman and the U.A.E, Qatar, Austria & Switzerland.

JENOPTIK products have succeeded in saving the lives of more than 50 people and recorded 800,000 traffic violations in its first year of operation in the State of Kuwait Keeping up with the time progress, we have developed the image of our three famous global trademarks ROBOT, TRAFFIPAX and MULTANOVA under the same umbrella, towards the future, building on the success of the development of our products in the past, inviting you to share us the journey of innovation and success.


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