Joint Medical Company

Headquartered in Kuwait, Joint Medical Company was established with a vision: offer unsurpassed medical solutions for patients, caregivers and other healthcare providers, while improving medical outcomes and helping save lives. Today the company has become a recognized brand that is associated with quality, innovation and trustworthiness. Joint Medical Company was established in 2016. Ever since, it has grown to become a leading provider of premium healthcare in Kuwait and recognized for representing some of the world’s most prominent medical supply corporations.

The company provides a comprehensive catalogue of medical products and services across the spectrum; from the humble injection syringe to the most advanced portable diagnostic instruments and hospital equipments.

Through an innovative and integral health care clinic, Joint Medical Company plays a key role in improving the quality of services across the local health continuum. Its newly established medical clinic, Dr. Idol, has been designed to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and ensure the recruitment of highly qualified clinical and non-clinical workforce. In the few upcoming years, Joint Medical Company aspires to expand its regional market presence and be amongst the world’s best healthcare providers by embracing the changing medical environment and seeking to identify and explore opportunities as they emerge.

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