Enerflex Company


Enerflex offers innovative and economical solutions to meet with clients needs on projects of all sizes and micro special design projects. Enerflex core business relies in the exceptional services and products that are offered to its clients and customers. The company is project oriented where each projects involves:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Testing and inspections
  • Training
  • Trading and supplying
  • Water Treatment

Our Objectives

  • Achieving high market value
  • Establishing new exclusive agencies
  • Joint venture with other companies
  • Participating in larger projects

Enerflex market targets both public and private sectors. Our focus is to provide top quality services to our clients in the Oil & Gas industry in general such as K.O.C and K.N.P.C and supply first class products to major contractors in Kuwait and neighboring countries

Our Clients

Our company deals with many clients from the public and the private sector. Below is the list of the agencies and companies: -

  • A – Public Sector Clients
  • (K.O.C) Kuwait Oil Company
  • (K.N.P.C) Kuwait National Petroleum Co.
  • (K.G.O.C) Kuwait Gulf Oil Co.
  • (P.I.C) Equate Petrochemical Industries Co.
  • (M.E.W) Ministry of Electricity and Water
  • (M.O.I) Ministry of Interior
  • (M.P.W) Ministry of Public Works
  • M.O.D) Ministry of Defence
  • Saudi Arabian Chervon

Our Partners