Tetra House, Finland

TETRA HOUSE delivers integrated data solutions for public safety and law enforcement agencies. TETRA HOUSE solutions enable seamless leading of field organizations and situational awareness.

Our solutions include:

  • Incident management and field command systems: COREMOTE Tactics is a situational awareness, automatic vehicle location management, fleet management and dispatching solution for user organization managing a mobile field force. This future-proof system enables user organizations to manage their mobile field force and share situational awareness across different (hybrid) critical communication networks.
  • Traffic / speeding camera management solutions: Speeding camera collection system is a solution that automates the collection of picture material from digital speeding cameras, red-light cameras and other traffic surveillance cameras. The materials are transferred immediately over the air, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Traffic light pre-emption solutions: Traffic light pre-emption system is an advanced solution for allowing privileged and high- priority units in direct control to open traffic lights. For example, fire brigades, VIP convoys and other high-priority units can control traffic lights directly and securely, allowing rapid movement in traffic for security or other tactical reasons.
  • COREMOTE ROCS (Role Oriented Communications Server): It is a solution for any organization where each radio has multiple users. ROCS gives each radio the presence and communication abilities that reflect its current user, his current role and task. This allows reachability and automatic grouping of people working on the same task.
  • Management system for network services: COREMOTE Manager allows you to administrate the users, devices, talk- groups and other network assets. It automatically activates your configuration and objects in the network elements.
  • COREMOTE Monitor: COREMOTE Monitor gives you a real-time view of the live network status, services, faults and disturbances.

  • All solutions support TETRA, LTE, HYBRID, GSM-R and P25.