Panworld Company

PANWORLD has expertise in the medical solutions; field hospitals border Security systems, Electrified Fences and control room systems. Ever since PANWORLD established it has undergone continuous growth until it became a large establishment. It has grown significantly to become one of the trusted solution providers for many organizations. PANWORLD offers full suite of solutions to meet the customer needs.

PANWORLD represents large establishments like ZEPPELIN and MITSUBISHI. PANWORLD provided solutions include:

  • State of the art ZEPPELIN Medical systems and mobile hospitals
  • Mitsubishi Display Wall System for different governorate departments
  • Border security & monitoring system and Electrified fences
  • Emergency vehicles visual warning system for MOI Kuwait
  • Software development
  • Control Rooms integration
  • Project Management and supervision

PANWORLD has a diverse and qualified work force to support installations and provide customers/partners timely support. The PANWORLD team, are trained to the highest standards to provide complete and comprehensive solutions. This high level of expertise, experience and commitment has enabled PANWORLD to attain highest credibility and an impressive list of satisfied clients.

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